Most recent project; NHL and SAP corporate video

The NHL announced a partnership with

enterprise software company SAP,

which will transform the way hockey fans

consume data across multiple platforms,

including the League's numerous outlets.





Direct excerpt from a recent review:

"Ken brings a long history of creative

direction and management to his work."


"His portfolio includes work with NASA,

Intel, HP, C|Net Television, AT&T and Stanford University."


"Ken has the ability of taking great ideas

and breathing new life into them.






Self Promotion iPhone style

This is a self promotion piece using the Apple simplicity style.

It contains 3D elements and live web updating with sound alike royalty almost free music.



Monetizing Mortgages
This is my version of monetizing mortgages using school house rock style graphics and writing. This was a small segment in the larger, award winning documentary "JUST SIGN HERE." Produced by Soul Sisters Productions. It was created years before the mortgage meltdown and is suprising in the fact that we had predicted it all about 5 years before.









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